12 Rules in Bringing Out the Best in People

12 Rules for Brining Out the Best in People

1. Expect the best from people you lead.

2. Make a thorough study of the other person’s needs.

3. Establish a high standards for excellence.

4. Create an environment where failure is not fatal.

5. If they are going anywhere near where you want to go, climb on other people’s bandwagons.

6. Employ models to encourage success.

7. Recognize and applaud achievement.

8. Employ a mixture of positive and negative reinforcement.

9. Appeal sparingly to the competitive urge.

10. Place a premium on collaboration.

11. Build into the group an allowance for storms.

12. Take steps to keep your own motivation high.

#12 is highlighted because I want you to take your own steps to keep you motivated and fueled in your life as you go through struggles and trials.




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